Fire Investigation Origin and Cause Level I (American)


Fire Investigation Origin and Cause Level I (United States)


Complete our standards-based Online Fire Investigation course Level I (American) from your home computer.


  • Level I meets or exceeds the learning outcomes of sections of NFPA 1021 Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.
  • Several subject matter experts, including Dr. DeHaan, one of the leading experts in the world in the field of fire investigation and author of six editions of Kirk’s Fire Investigation, contributed to the development of the course content.
  • Study Guides are the current edition of NFPA 921 or Jones and Bartlett’s “Fire Investigator Principles and Practice”.
  • All chapters of NFPA 921 and Jones and Bartlett’s “Fire investigator Principles and Practice” are covered.

Course benefits:

  • Convenient and affordable fire investigation education with fewer travel costs, less time away from work, and fewer scheduling conflicts.
  • Informed by decades of fire investigation fieldwork, this course has all the behind-the-scenes experience to grow individuals professionally.
  • Flexible education delivery to meet your needs; successful candidates that complete Level I and II may receive ProBoard accreditation from the College of the Rockies, or just complete Level I if accreditation is not required.
  • University-quality curriculum; easy to navigate learning platform.

Course delivery:

Online or blended (if accreditation is required).

Course structure:

Level I: Twenty-four chapters with a mid-term quiz, concluding with a final exam.


  • 24 +/- hours of online study time. With our suggested learning timeline and defined learning timeframes, this is completed over 9 weeks or at your own pace ahead of a booked practicum.
  • Level II: two-day practical skills development and evaluation session including a live cubicle burn plus investigation.

Course fee:

  • Level I: $567
  • Level II: $1,197 including College of the Rockies evaluation and ProBoard accreditation for successful candidates.
  • Prices do not include applicable taxes.


FireWise partnered with the world’s leading fire investigation expert, Dr. John David DeHaan to deliver this proprietary training program.

With over 40 years’ experience in fire and explosion-related forensic science, Dr. DeHaan has been involved in many national and international efforts to improve fire investigation. He has authored six editions of Kirk’s Fire Investigation since 1982, one of the most widely used textbooks in the field.

Together with Dr. DeHaan, Mr. Bob Turley, a founding partner of FireWise, delivers the fire investigation curriculum founded on 40 years of fire investigation experience. Bob was responsible for developing and implementing numerous fire prevention and investigation training programs. His first-hand knowledge is the foundation for this innovative learning program. Having testified as an expert witness in several fire investigation litigation cases, Bob shares his experience in a way that will benefit any fire investigator. To learn more about Bob’s extensive history, click here.


Course certificate awarded upon achieving 70% or higher in the Level I online course. If ProBoard accreditation is required, the completion of the Fire Investigation Origin and Cause Level I and II are mandatory.