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Fire Inspector Level I

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You will need to reference the National Building Code and the National Fire Code during this course. These documents can be found in the Materials tab above.

At the conclusion of Level I participants will have the knowledge and skills to conduct basic fire inspections and evaluate the fire safety of buildings. They will understand the fire inspection process, fire protection systems both passive and active, and be familiar with codes and standards that apply in Canada. 

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Course Content

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Chapter One Introduction
Chapter Two Building Construction
Chapter Three Types of Occupancies
Chapter Four Fire Growth
Chapter Five Performing the Inspection
Chapter Six Reading Plans
Chapter Seven Occupant Safety
Chapter Eight Fire Alarm System
Chapter Nine Fire Flow & Suppression Systems
Chapter Ten Portable Fire Extinguishers
Chapter Eleven Electrical & HVAC Hazards
Chapter Twelve Ensuring Proper Storage & Handling Practices
Chapter Thirteen Safe Housekeeping Practices
Chapter Fourteen Writing Reports & Keeping Records
Chapter Fifteen Fire & Life Safety Education